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RV Live Chat is very unique in the sense it's the first of it's type in Australia, we only accept chats for the RV industry and our agents are fully trained ready to answer all the questions people might have on Caravans or Motorhomes.

Below is a list of features applicable to RV Live Chat and our agents:

  • Our agents are experience Sales Consultants.
  • We can capture leads while your site is at it's busiest (for most sites between 7pm to 11pm).
  • We have flexible packages to suit any size business.
  • You'll be supplied with full transcripts on every chat we receive from your site.
  •  NEW! We can accept after hour phone calls for those people who prefer a call, you'll be supplied with the phone recording of this conversation.
  • Our clients have found an increase in sales of 30% because we make sure your customers are engaged and acknowledged.
  • No lock in contracts.
  • Customizable chat windows to match your website.
  • We can set "triggers" to go off when a customer goes to a particular part of your website.
  • Invoiced monthly with no hidden surprises making it easier to plan your marketing budget.
  • We are based in Adelaide, South Australia.
  • Our chat agents are not only industry experts but are based in Australia.*

Limited Availability:
 We limit the number of new customers that this service is offered to, as we are dedicated to providing Customer Service with a level of quality that our customers have come to expect, this requires proper staffing and quality training. We provide this service on a first in first serve basis so if you are interested in a premium live chat on your website contact us today!

*Some of our overflow goes to highly trained chat agents, some of these agent are from Riga, Latvia (European Union) and Las Vegas, Nevada; with remote team members in Australia, Italy and the Philippines all of English speaking backgrounds and are fully trained to get contact details.

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