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We get a lot of people asking us if they're chatting to a bot whilst using our Live Chat service...the quick answer is, NO, Certainly Not!

We only employ real humans who know, or can find out, real answers to your questions!

The wonderful world of Caravans and Motorhomes is way too complicated for a bot to answer the real questions, and we have seen other services get it so wrong.

For example: Asking brand A (Typical Australian made heavy caravan) if they also sell another competitors brand (Brand B, a European lightweight), and all the bot wants to do is get their name and number so a salesperson can call them.

Which in our opinion is a waste of time for everyone, not to mention Brand A is getting charged for that!!!

Our agents know the RV landscape and all the brands quite well, we do a lot of ongoing training to ensure our chat agents meet our lofty requirements to be Australia's only premium RV Live Chat service.

Put simply,

RV Live Chat
Real Consultants, Real Answers

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